I specialize in creating kick-ass stuff. I am passionate about the design process and love to watch as designs come to life for my clients. I focus on the following:

    • Custom theme design
    • Custom plugin design
    • Logo design
    • Responsive design
    • Header design
    • Custom header type treatment
    • Site/Theme design
    • Plugin UI/UX design


Ahh, customization and coding, my sweet spot! I work exclusively in WordPress, giving me a completely focused mindset. The longer you spend with a product, the better you know it, and I know WordPress inside and out. I’m dedicated to consistently delivering top-notch services in the following:

    • Set up and install WP and theme
    • Full site re-skin/styling
    • Plugin re-skin/styling
    • Custom page templates
    • Custom post type setup and integration
    • Adding, removing or customizing responsive display
    • Adding widgetized spacesInstalling and configuring eCommerce
    • Adding masonry and isotope functions (i.e. infinite scrolling, sorting, filtering)
    • Custom Theme Options/Framework development
    • Responsive development
    • Custom theme development
    • Custom plug-in development


Great customization is important. You know and I know it — you need an expert to support you in your project. Well Guv’nor, that’s me!   If you need guidance finding a solution for your WordPress project, I can help. Even if you just need me to lend and ear to an idea, I would love to help. I can find the most effective solution for your WordPress customization. Lets review what I can do:

    • Consulting for choosing your theme
    • Google Analytics setup
    • SEO Plugin setup and configuration
    • Site hosting migration support
    • Full theme/site audit
    • Email subscription service setup